Every week I talk to people who are newly eligible for Medicare insurance or are already enrolled in a plan. While some are happy to be at the age to get those senior discounts at retail shops and restaurants, some, not so much. They would rather trade those discounts for the yonder days of platform shoes and “discothèques.” Did you recognize that word? Might be time for you to learn more about Medicare.

So for those who need a little coaxing to embrace the idea that life can be good at any age, let’s look at some words of wisdom cloned from, where else, the Internet.

As we age let’s, become more peaceful. And whose business is it anyway, if we choose to read, watch TV, or play on the computer, until 3?

We can walk the beach, in a swim suit stretched over our beautiful bulging bodies, and dive into the waves, despite “stink eye” from the young, with their lean, mean, six-pack abs. They, too, will grow old.

As we grow older, let’s care less about what other people think. We have earned the right to be wrong.

So, to answer the question, what’s so good about growing older? We can choose to love the person we have become. We have an excuse to forget the things we choose to no longer remember.

We can have a “senior moment”, eat, drink and be merry and finally understand Medicare!


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