Generations Magazine - 2013-06-07 - Shuzi Jewelry - Image 01It was September 8, 2011 that I had a stroke … some say it was “mild” and some say it was a “nerve stroke” while I say, “It happened, now move on!” Every day since then, I test myself on doing things with my right side. Within two weeks I got rid of the walker but was very careful getting around. Driving and bouncing a tennis ball took two months. Walking down a flight of stairs without using the handrail or wall took nine months — that’s when I bought a Shuzi bracelet and walked down 12 steps with no problem (at the bottom of the stairs, I turned around to look up in amazement). I did more “self-tests” like balancing on my right leg for 40 seconds instead of the 3 seconds before Shuzi and walking on stepping stones on the side of our house with ease. There are so many products out there that claim a lot of things, but this one I believe made a HUGE difference to my “balance” in life.

Generations Magazine - 2013-06-07 - Shuzi Jewelry - Image 02This is what I know: Shuzi (pronounced Shoo-zee) has been an international company since 2004. The jewelry utilizes a proprietary “Nano Vibrational Technology” Chip from the United States which is programmed to resonate with your cells’ natural frequencies. The chip sends out a pulse that balances the body’s bio-field and blood cells become much rounder and stronger promoting better blood flow, which means more oxygen through the body.

Studies with QEEG (brain mapping) showed on average 25% improvement in cognitive efficiency and 20% improvement in emotional efficiency. The full study is on

So, don’t just take my word for it. As in anything else, try it yourself and do your own testing. I think you’ll be pleased.

For more information, Shuzi Hawai‘i can be reached at 808-386-0929,