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Internet shopping continues to evolve quickly. Today, anyone can set up an online store and start selling, even without a business license. With both good and bad online businesses to choose from, consumers now have more opportunities than ever to support and encourage ethical online stores. Here are five BBB recommendations on how to do so:

  1. Leave reviews. Whether it’s positive or negative, help evaluate a seller’s legitimacy by leaving a review on
  2. Reward security. Let business owners know that you’ll only shop at companies with a commitment to customer privacy and data protection. Look for websites with secure URLs that start with “https” and show the secure lock icon.
  3. Comment. Your social media comments can let future customers know about a business’s quality, service and practices.
  4. Do the survey. Most businesses have a feedback form or survey request. Tell them what they are doing right that you enjoy and how they can improve to better earn your trust.
  5. Recommend BBB. If there’s a business that’s gone above and beyond for you — tell them about BBB. They can benefit from being in our community of Accredited Businesses.

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