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Beta Beta Gamma: 75 years of connections and community service


It’s no secret. Long-term friendships provide more than just social connections. Meaningful relationships can boost mental and physical health and even increase life span. One organization in Hawai‘i, Beta Beta Gamma sorority, has been providing these meaningful life-long connections to women for 75 years.



It’s For and About People Who Care

Hawai‘i’s 154,000 family caregivers help their parents, spouses and other loved ones to live at home — where they would wish to be. They help with medications, medical care, meals, bathing, dressing and much more. Many do it while working full – or part-time. Some are sandwich-generation caregivers, taking care of older loved ones while raising children. Family caregivers do what they do out of love. It’s not easy.

Can a Smile Show Signs of Osteoporosis?

A dental x-ray film is isolated on white.As we age, our bodies can start to lose bone due to lifestyle choices, genetics and preexisting conditions. Your teeth are rooted within some of the most important bones used every day — the alveolar bones of your jaw. If there are signs of bone density loss through symptoms such as tooth loss, gum disease, bone loss in the jaw or loose dentures, your dentist may suggest you see your doctor.

Time to take Advantage: Switch or Renew

Medicare’s Annual Election Period runs Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 and is an important season for all beneficiaries. It’s when the details are released about Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans for the coming year. This is your opportunity to understand the changes that will affect your existing plan starting Jan. 1 so you can avoid surprises in the new year.

Estate Planning 101

If you find yourself with extra cash — either a lump sum or excess dollars from your monthly paycheck — you may be wondering what to do with it. If you have debt — such as a mortgage or student loans — the prudent option may be to pay off your balances. Yet it might make more sense to put the money to work in the form of investments that have the potential to generate greater returns than the interest rate on your debt.

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