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Champions at Heart: Vincent Goo & David Shoji


Chances are that you’ve heard of Dave Shoji and Vince Goo, two of Hawai‘i’s most beloved coaches. Known far and wide for their stellar coaching careers at the University of Hawai‘i, these two boast hundreds of wins and have earned the titles of the winningest coaches for their respective programs — for Shoji, volleyball, and for Goo, basketball. Today, the coaches stay active in their respective sports, along with playing rounds of golf, surfing and advocating for Hawai‘i’s kūpuna through their television commercials for Hawaii SHIP.

Grandma’s Butter Crunch Jello Cream Cake

My fondest memories of my late grandma, Shirley Ihara, are of watching her cook and bake in the kitchen. During the holidays, she would make her Butter Crunch Jello Cream Cake and it was one of my favorites. She actually taught me this recipe when I was a child, but I really didn’t make it on my own; for some reason, hers always tasted much better.

Be Prepared and at Ease for the Holidays

Charming sad old woman is sitting on sofaGrief is a natural response to a loss, change, transition, or death. Grief affects everyone uniquely. It could be emotionally, mentally, physically, intellectually, and/or spiritually. As the 2023 holidays approach, take time to self-care with positive activities. Examples are reading uplifting stories and poems, journaling, stretching, meditating, connecting with people, appreciating nature walks, etc. Find your source of strength and peace each day. Be prepared for the upcoming holidays.

How to Age Gracefully, Inside and Out

My grandma once told me, “getting old is not for sissies!” As we get older, we may wonder how to age as well as possible. Here are some simple tips for aging gracefully as our bodies change.

Care & Self-Care Holiday Gifts

Gearing up for the holidays often means thinking about gifts. Giving them and receiving them! Caregivers in general are givers. Most give of their time; many, of their own resources; and some give their entire personal purpose as they care for another. The Caregiver Foundation (TCF) works to support caregivers, kūpuna, and disabled adults. From managing finances, serving as conservator, acting as trust administrators, to providing complete care management and even end-of-life and estate distribution services, the overriding goal of TCF is to make life better.

MAUI STRONG FUND (Division of Hawaii Community Foundation)


MAUI RAPID RESPONSE  (For both donation drop-off locations and online donations)


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