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A Pioneer in Neurosurgery


A Pioneer in Neurosurgery – Dr. William “Bill” Won

Dr. William “Bill” Won, one of Honolulu’s foremost brain surgeons, was the first Hawaiʻi-born Chinese American neurosurgeon in the state and only the second person born in the state to become a neurosurgeon. Dr. Won, now age 90, practiced from 1965 to 1996. After a stellar career, the quiet and humble retired brain surgeon continues to contribute to the community through a scholarship fund that was made possible through a beloved, lifelong hobby.

The Rarified Air of Acceptance

Our friends, old and new, are sweetly awed when we tell them our love story. We met in college in the mid-’70s. We fell in love. We knew beyond a doubt that we were meant to be together. Yet, as fate would have it, we met at the wrong place and the wrong time for our relationship to flourish. As time has told, those feelings between Kathleen and I (Susan) have now endured for decades. But it was a long road to gain respect, visibility and equality.

Clean Your Closet Like Thereʻs No Tomorrow


A happy senior couple moving boxes into or out of the back of their car. They are moving house, perhaps downsizing. They are looking at the camera, smiling.It’s shocking! How did I accumulate all this stuff? An embarrassment of riches may be a first-world problem — having too much of too many good things — but it is a reality for many of us, even those who don’t qualify as full-fledged hoarders. But even simple clutter has its own risks; for starters, the chronic and repeated stress caused by frantic and frustrated searching, and the risk of falling over precious possessions left in precarious places.

The Brotherhood of Senior Softball

Seniors take their sports seriously, but with perspective gained over years of competition, the element of fun has become paramount for most players. Although they have a passion for playing, winning isn’t everything. Camaraderie, reunion and ‘ohana, fitness and fun are the most important elements of a senior’s game plan. Baseball may be America’s pastime, but softball is the No. 1 sport among seniors in Hawaii.

How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect You?

The Federal Reserve (the Fed) has begun what it says will be a series of interest rate increases in an effort to slow the economy and temper the current surge in the inflation rate. At the start of 2022, the federal funds rate stood at near zero percent. By May, the Fed moved the federal funds rate 75 basis points (0.75 percent) higher. What does this mean for you and your money?

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