Aging in Hawai‘i – A Moving Experience

There are many questions that families have as their parents age. Many adult children have never had to provide care for a senior. When they begin, they soon find it is not an easy task. Assisting your parents as they age in place seems like a good idea until we realize how much time it takes to provide meals, and clean and maintain an additional house, along with continuing our own career and meeting life’s demands.

What I’ve Learned… Thus Far

What I’ve learned is about just that: What I’ve learned these past 16+ years since I entered this field called “aging.” I was 42 years old and didn’t know a whole lot about retirement planning, Social Security or health issues, let alone caregiving and Alzheimer’s. Most people in that age range don’t think about this stuff; however, it is important to think ahead to when we get older and/or about our parents own aging and health issues.

Healthy Habits of a Centenarian

ukiko Murata, who will turn 102 in March, has a sharp wit and sunny outlook on life. To stay healthy, she eats fresh foods, takes classes at the University of Hawai‘i and plays hanafuda (Japanese card game) every Thursday at the Lanakila Senior Center, together with her daughter, Joanne Murata, and son-in-law, James Kramer. Yukiko shared advice with Generations Magazine:

Love Through the Ages

Our 20s was an important time. We learned to love ourselves. Loving who we are prepared us to love others. It was an exciting time, followed by intimate relationships, having children or pets and, later in life, connecting with the community and the world by traveling or volunteering.

Making Sense of Widowhood

Recently, I was having dinner with a number of close girlfriends and their daughters. Afterwards and on the road home, my daughter commented that I was the only woman at the event who was not widowed. My friends are all in the early to mid-60s. Of course, I knew this...

Where Do Our Seniors Live?

Kokua Council has received data on the age demographics for each Hawai‘i State House District, and for each zip code. The numbers are based on 2010 estimates of population and allow us to study the number of residents ages 62+ living in certain geographic districts.

Honor Our Elders

As the years roll by, it is not always easy to keep perspective on the people who mean the most to us. Sometimes we forget to show the appreciation they are due. But it is important to remember to express our love and honor our senior citizens while they are still...

Our Contributors

Generations Magazine calls upon Hawai‘i’s experts — from financial and legal advisors to health care professionals and noted chefs — to produce informative and meaningful resources for our local seniors and their families. We are grateful for their contributions....

Editor’s Note

It is with great honor and a privilege to welcome all of you to a new season — summer! It’s a time where most of our seniors enjoy their time with friends and family. Summer months are always the busiest for family time, even our city’s Parks and Recreation will close...

Editor’s Note

Spring is here and it’s the season of rebirth and rejuvenation! Outdoor. Indoor. Or both. Sit. Stand. Move. Interact. Anyway you want it. Though it is the time to come alive! So here are just a few activities to do to keep you busy during this spring. 1) Go Bows! Get...

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