Turning 100 is no small feat, but Mrs. Lenora Cho made it look easy when she officially became a centenarian in 2017. Lenora, a small-town girl from back East, found ways to stay active early on in life: in high school, she played basketball and softball.

Upon graduating high school, Lenora took a beautician course, but joined the Army when she was in her 20s, becoming one of the 140,000 women who served and proved vital to the war efforts.

After another female soldier had to return to the mainland from Hawai‘i when they were en route to Japan, Lenora stayed to do clerical work at Fort Shafter. That is where she met her husband, David Cho, of whom she says with a smile, “He was my boss.” They were married at the Fort Shafter Chapel.

Lenora’s fondest memories are from serving in the military and the time she spent with her husband. Today, she enjoys staying active by doing regular exercise at her home at Arcadia, where she is honored every Veterans Day for her service to our country.

To celebrate her milestone 100th birthday last year, Lenora’s family came from the East Coast and now a blanket of photos from that wonderful occasion hangs proudly in her room.