Pain Management for Quality of Life

“I go to bed feeling fine and wake up injured.” It’s abnormal to awaken with pain daily. But many think pain is to be expected as they age or are unfit, so they don’t contact their doctor. If you’re regularly in pain, talk with your doctor about pain management options — especially if you frequently use OTC pain meds.

Quality of life is to be expected as we age and your doctor can work with you on solutions to alleviate pain… beyond taking a pill. These solutions may include chiropractor services, physical and other therapies, hot/cold compresses, exercise, acupuncture and cognitive behavioral therapy. Check with your health plan to assure your doctor’s recommendations are covered benefits.

Opioid Addiction & Overdose

Opioids, such as oxycodone (Percocet), hydrocodone (Norco), Fentanyl and morphine, are powerful prescription painkillers that carry serious risks of addiction and overdose.

Opioid medicines may not improve all pain and over time may also change how the brain handles pain signals. This may lead to more pain and/or other health symptoms like changes in mood or sleep and less ability to perform daily activities. Long-term use of opioids should be monitored closely by a doctor.

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