Tune-Up for a High-Performance Life

How can you optimize your life so you can not only live longer, but better? Using an automobile analogy, the better you take care of your car, the better it will perform and the longer it will last.

Muscle atrophy is the reduction of muscle mass and fiber size caused by disuse or neurogenic conditions. Sarcopenia — loss of muscle mass and strength — occurs naturally due to aging or other health conditions.

But there are four “tune-up” components that can combat this propensity and help maximize muscles and optimize seniors’ lives:

  1. The fuel: A high protein diet provides the building blocks needed for maintaining and/or boosting your muscle mass.
  2. The oil: Hydration is important, too. If you do not have oil in your car, it will seize up. Water is vital because it is the main component of the body and represents approximately 76% of muscle mass.
  3. Preventative maintenance: A regular workout routine that incorporates weight-bearing exercises helps prevent muscle atrophy and sarcopenia. A little exercise is good; more exercise is better.
  4. Driving sensibly: Don’t rev your engine at too many RPMs! Stress reduction makes for a smoother ride. So “get your motor runnin’” and enjoy your ride on that golden highway of life!

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