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COVID-19 — Who’s Spreading the Virus? Nobody can tell. Period.

This virus is passed on by exposed persons BEFORE they get sick, and AFTER they feel better.

“Social distancing” and good aseptic hygiene are the only ways to keep from catching COVID-19 lung disease.

To be safe, we must treat everyone as potentially infected.


  1. Virus is passed on up to 2 weeks before symptoms appear.

Symptoms may appear from 4 to 14 days after exposure or contact. The exposed person may pass on virus before they become sick. If you think you have been exposed, quarantine yourself from friends and family doe 14 days. You can pass on virus even if you don’t feel sick.

  1. Virus is passed on a week after symptoms go away.

After recovering from symptoms, the COVID-19 patient may continue to shed virus in their mucus, other body fluids, and feces for up to 8 days. After feeling better, patients should continue to wear a mask and avoid contact with family and friends for another week.

  1. Up to 25% of persons infected with COVID-19 never have any symptoms (no fever, no cough, no trouble breathing), but they do shed virus.

To protect your family , treat yourself and everyone else as potentially infected.