Get Paid to Take a Walk?

A Medicare beneficiary was surprised and thrilled to learn her health plan was interested in tracking activities like walking, volunteering, social activities, annual health checks and even scheduling preventive services.

Those behaviors are associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improved health outcomes if illness does strike. She could relay her activities by phone or set up an online account to report them. Her accumulated points earned her a rewards card. Many insurance companies, not just Medicare plans, are offering rewards through employer plans, as well. Health insurance programs are increasingly focused on promoting the preventive side of healthcare and encouraging subscribers to adopt healthy habits. They track healthy activities and reward positive behaviors.

Here’s how it works:

TRACKING: Self-report steps, gym visits, annual checkups and even completion of health-related courses.
REWARDS: Reach certain activity goals or demonstrate healthy choices to earn rewards such as gift cards.
THE BENEFITS: Subscribers are motivated to improve their health, resulting in fewer issues. Insurance companies pay less for care associated with lack of exercise and unhealthy habits.

Call your insurance plan today and maybe you, too, can get paid to take a walk.

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