Walls of Honor

One of The American Legion’s main pillars is its concern for veterans who have served their country in any of our military branches during wartime or peacetime.

I visited many longterm care facilities as a American Legion Post 1 representative to make short patriotic talks and pass out “Thank You For You Service” certificates. I was surprised to find so many veterans residing in these facilities. The number, on average, ranged from 30 to 40 veterans, with a high of 79 at one facility.

After making a presentation in late 2021 at The Plaza in Waikiki, I became concerned about the veterans’ well-being and the loneliness they must face at the end of their lives. I wondered if they felt if anyone outside the facility really cared about them besides their family. That is when I got the idea of establishing a memorial in their honor that would serve as a lasting reminder that they would be remembered.

The Plaza in Waikiki activities director and I collaborated on a plan to have a large Wall of Honor (16-by-4-feet) with black-and-white photos, name and service branch positioned in a prominent place in the facility as a permanent reminder. It was constructed and installed by a local company and the cost was divided between our Post 1 and The Plaza’s board of directors. The wall was dedicated in 2022. Since then, another wall was installed at The Plaza in Moanalua in 2023. The next wall was installed at The Plaza in Mililani on Memorial Day, May 27, 2024.

These Walls of Honor pay tribute to The Plazas’ veterans, who have served and contributed to the the freedom that we all enjoy today. More Walls of Honor are in the queue.

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