Protect Your Smile at Every Age

Healthy smiles are for everyone, at every age. However, no one should take a smile for granted. It takes diligence to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums.

Start with a routine of brushing twice a day and flossing daily. These simple tasks go a long way in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Sometimes it can be difficult to floss properly as we age. Consider using dental flossers that may be easier to hold. Electric toothbrushes also are ideal for seniors. They have a wider grip and can effectively brush the crevices of your teeth and the gumline with little effort. Be sure it’s on a gentler mode to protect your gums.

See a dentist twice a year, too. This is key to detecting problems early so that you and your dentist can decide the best treatment options. Look for dental plans that cover the entire costs of routine procedures like dental exams and cleanings. Your plan should also help pay for necessary dental treatments or procedures.

The well-being of your teeth and gums can impact your overall health. When your mouth isn’t healthy, bacteria can spread to other areas of your body, leading to other chronic diseases. Be proactive about your oral health for a happier, healthier you!

Kahala Howser, Wellness & Events Manager


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