It’s Your Funeral

You own your body after you die and you can say what happens to it. If you say nothing, it will be up to your next of kin, such as your spouse, your children and then more distant relatives. By planning your funeral in advance, you can spare your loved ones stress and conflict.

Your remains can be buried on your own land, but think about how that could affect the property value. The preparation for burial need not include embalming and may not require a casket. Many outside-the-box possibilities exist.

Burial and cremation are not the only choices. Google “disposition of human remains” for ideas. Do you want your remains blasted into space or disposed of via alkaline hydrolysis? Do you want your ashes turned into diamonds for jewelry for your loved ones? The options might surprise you.

Many people recoil at the idea of donating their bodies to the local medical school, but medical professionals will tell you that the most valuable resource for learning about a human body is, well, a human body. A medical student could learn a lesson from dissecting your body that would enable them to save one of your loved ones…

Finally, will there be some kind of service or celebration of life for you? You can have a say in those festivities. A funeral service planned by you might be one of the most loving gifts you can give the people who will mourn your loss.

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