Smart Home Modifications Now

Accessing the second story of your home using a wheelchair may not be something you have ever even considered. But planning proactively and modifying your home now can help you stay independent and comfortable as you age in place.

You may not even feel old yet, but it’s important to consider what you may need in the future as the realities of aging approach. Caregivers can also benefit from home modifications by reducing physical and mental stress.

Modifications such as installing an elevator lift, or making doorways wider or constructing ramps for easier wheelchair access can make a significant difference in a senior’s quality of life.

Home modifications do not have to be complicated or expensive, however. And aesthetically pleasing options are available, such as bathroom grab bars that look like ordinary towel bars or soap holders.

Making modifications can help prevent falls, secure your independence and ensure safety. And knowing your home will support you through each stage of life can bring peace of mind.

Talk to your doctor about getting a home modification assessment completed by an occupational therapist (OT). OTs ensure modifications will align with your health needs, as certain conditions may require specific accommodations.

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