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Little is known of caregivers within our community who provide care to aged and disabled individuals under the Community Care Foster Family Home Program. In fact, at times there is a certain undeserved stigma attached to the profession. So what is the role of Adult Foster caregivers? And why should we trust them with our loved ones?

Adult Foster Homes are licensed and governed under the Department of Human Services. Each home has a primary caregiver who is at minimum a Certified Nurse Aide. According to the State’s licensing entity, each home must fulfill 140 criteria in areas such as medication and nutrition, Clients Rights, Insurance Requirements and more. In addition, the home is physically inspected and each person residing (18+) is required to submit background checks and fingerprinting.

Caregivers provide 24-7 medical care and supervision to each resident as well as meals, assistance with activities of daily living and transportation to and from medical appointments. Adult Foster Homes must operate alongside a licensed case management agency that provides care coordination and oversight of the resident by a licensed RN or social worker. Caregivers are provided with a plan of care designed to meet the specific needs of each resident and are delegated tasks such as medication administration.

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