Do you have so many medications that you feel you can’t manage them all? We call this “the medication blues.” Keeping your prescriptions straight, organizing pills or disposing of unused meds, can be truly overwhelming.

The first step to cure the medication blues is to keep your medications organized. If you have several medications, you or a family member can type out each medication name, why you take it, and the dosage (how much and how often you take it). This list will allow you to clearly see all your medications in one place. Next, buy a pillbox at your local pharmacy. Pick a pillbox that will accommodate the amount of medications and how many times a day you need to take each. Fill your pillbox each week using your medication list as a guide.

If a medication changes or is discontinued, properly dispose of it. There are several ways to dispose of old medications. The simplest way is to call your pharmacy to find out if it has a medication return or “take-back” program. Not all pharmacies have this program, but many do. If you can’t find a return program, follow this plan:

Do not throw bottles of pills in the trash or flush them down the toilet. Instead, it is recommended that you strip the prescription label off the bottle, add some liquid to the bottle to dissolve the pills, reapply the lid, tape the lid with duct tape and throw the taped bottle in the trash.

With these simple actions, you can get your medications organized, ensure you get the treatment you need and soon make the medication blues a thing of the past.

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