I was tired yesterday and I’m tired today. So I guess I’m re-tired. It’s an old joke, but one that sort of fits my situation.

At the end of September, I left KHON2 after 27 years. It was time. I will miss my friends at the station, and I will miss having the chance to meet people all over our state who have wonderful, heart-breaking, spirit-lifting stories. But there comes a time when you have to say, “I owe more to my family and my community.” There are many ways to do that.

I will find ways to volunteer. I will find ways to have fun and share aloha. When you see me at Long’s, be sure to say hello.

There is something else that happens when you retire. You have more time for your friends. Linda and I went to Maui on a one-day trip to visit my best man and his wife. She and Linda have known each other since grade school. Maui is a beautiful place — we sat on their lanai and looked at the bay and talked for hours … just talked.

Toward the end of my television career, I found I was caught up in the day-to-day “work,” paying little attention to the joy life has to offer. Now it’s time to rediscover that.

I hope Generations magazine will continue to offer me and the rest of the contributing authors the opportunity to voice our feelings about retirement and the experiences it has to offer. I also hope you all will continue to take care of each other, which is an important part of what makes life beautiful and worthwhile.

Peace and Aloha


KHON2 TV personality and journalist Kirk Matthews, a boomer, who speaks from the heart on issues concerning seniors and soon-to-be seniors. Post your questions or comments to Kirk at his column on Generations808.com.