As we age, staying organized and living in an uncluttered space can help reduce the stress of transitioning into different phases of life. Many seniors find themselves needing or wanting to downsize from a family home to a smaller space, such as an apartment, retirement community or multigenerational family space. Taking the time to sort through possessions accumulated over the years will make downsizing or aging in place less stressful and improve your overall health. Here are tips to help you create an organized living space:

• Keep only those belongings most precious to you. Share other items with family and friends who will treasure them or donate items to your favorite charity for someone else to enjoy.
• Create large, open areas for easy mobility and cleaning. Remove any unused furniture and keep steps and hallways clear of clutter.
• Make frequently used items accessible. Store items between waist- and upper thigh-level to prevent bending over or reaching overhead.
• Label drawers and cabinets to make it easier for you and/or caregivers to find items.
• Use clear or translucent boxes for storage.
• Store important do