Yumm!! George Yoshida and Derek Kurisu released their new cookbook–full of tasty, local-style recipes they demonstrate on their wildly popular Hawai‘i Island daily cable TV show, “Seniors Living in Paradise.” The recipes are easy. On air and in the cookbook, that translates to “any man can cook,” “one-minute cooking,” and even “slam-’em-together gourmet cooking.”

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No Sweat Cooking offers old-fashioned, easy but delicious recipes featured on Seniors Living in Paradise. The funloving culinary authors, George Yoshida and Derek Kurisu, display some of their “slam-’em-together gourmet cooking.” Yumm!

George and Derek have been entertaining cablevision audiences since 1999 with their zany and lovable antics — and cooking fabulous dishes with the freshest ingredients from KTA Superstores. “No-Sweat Cooking!” is for career women, senior citizens, college students, bachelors and anyone who suddenly finds they must cook their own meals — even lazy husbands — just kidding. Good cooks who don’t have the time to make recipes with specialty ingredients or complex preparation steps will love this book.

Now everyone can cook old-fashioned dishes with no sweat! Cookbooks cost only $15.00 each, including tax and shipping! Order from George Yoshida, 2321 Nohona St., Hilo, HI 96720; email: ciyosh@hawaiiantel.net; telephone: 808-959-8677. Buy one for a friend and treat yourself too.

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