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Percy Ihara and Diane Cadinha - Generations Magazine - February-March 2013

Percy Ihara and Diane Cadinha

In this issue, we feature and thank three active seniors—Joan Packer, Victor Hawthorne and Doris Hara with their personal trainer Diane Cadinha on their stories. If you remember, we featured Joan in a story in our April/May issue earlier this year. After I read the article, I had to meet this 91 year old youngster. She inspired so many of our readers, including me, to get off our butts to exercise. According to Doris, Joan’s story inspired her to do something about her health now since Joan didn’t start exercising until later in her life, so she said she wanted to do this also.

As a procrastinator myself, I am now a believer in exercising and learning from a personal trainer to live a truly better quality of life to avoid health issues down the road. I have to thank personal trainer Diane Cadinha for working with me and teaching me the importance of exercise and also inspiring to put my health first and keep the body moving. If you want to avoid health issues, relieve stress and rejuvenate your body, call Diane or look for a personal trainer that specializes in working with seniors.

In 2013, please keep Generations Magazine in front of you as we continue to bring wonderful articles on healthy and active aging, as well as stories about seniors in our community who motivate us all to live well in Hawai‘i. We always love to hear from our readers, so please continue to write, email or call us to let us know what you want to read about.

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Percy Ihara, Editor/Publisher

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