1If your teeth are tight, you can floss and brush bacteria away. Loose teeth trap bacteria, allowing infection to flow into the blood stream, affect other organs and compromise overall health.

Reasons for Loose Teeth

Gum disease: The No. 1 reason people lose their teeth is not age, but periodontal disease. Bacteria on the roots of your teeth may cause the gum to swell, turn red and bleed. If left untreated, the bone will corrode and the tooth loosens. Often, gum disease causes no pain.

Trauma: Getting hit in the mouth can loosen teeth. If a dentist can stabilize the teeth, they will tighten up again. However, if the top and bottom teeth are not connecting properly and the bite is off, the teeth may loosen more.

Partial dentures: Denture wires that don’t fit properly may cause teeth to loosen or shift, resulting in a bad bite and more problems.

Symptoms and Treatment

Bad breath
Red, inflamed gums
Bleeding gums on brushing or flossing
Front teeth beginning to separate, leaving spaces that were not there before
Looseness of any or all teeth
For health reasons alone, pick up the phone and call your favorite dentist.

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