Question: I’m doing more things online, including shopping and paying bills. What are some things I can do at

Answer: Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to take a look at your Social Security Statement, which allows you to check your earnings record and get an estimate of your future benefits. Revisit your statement annually. If you’re ready to apply for benefits, you can do that online as well. Applying for Social Security retirement benefits online can take as little as 15 minutes. Once you’ve submitted your electronic applications, in most cases, you’re done! Also online, you can find more than 100 publications with information about Social Security and its programs. You also can estimate your future retirement benefit using our Retirement Estimator, which allows you to get personalized estimates based on different retirement ages and scenarios.

Question: I usually get my benefit payment on the third of the month. But what if the third falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday? Will my payment be late?

Answer: Just the opposite. Your payment should arrive early. For example, if you usually get your payment on the third of a month, but it falls on a Saturday like it does this November, we will make payments on Friday, November 2. Find more information on payment schedules for 2012 at If you do ever miss a payment, be sure to wait three days before calling to report it missing. Of course, if you get your payments electronically, you’ll get your payment without having to wait for the mail. Find out more about electronic payments at

Social Security Administration - Generations Magazine - June-July 2013