Straight Talk: Social Security & Medicare

How long will Hawai‘i residents be able to work as they age? How much should seniors pay for health care? What will future retirees need, and what as a nation can we afford? These are some of the issues at stake this election season as the future of Social Security and Medicare becomes the focus of campaign ads on TV, radio, in print and online.

But confusion is running high among Hawai‘i residents, as are concerns over the future of programs vital to many seniors and their families. In response, AARP Hawai‘i is offering information about the challenges facing Social Security and Medicare so that everyone can have a voice in the debate over their future.

“You’ve Earned a Say” ( offers Hawai‘I residents a one-stop resource with straight talk about key election issues. The website outlines the positions of candidates in the presidential, U.S. Senate and House races — in their own words — on Social Security, Medicare and financial security. The site also provides the views of Hawai‘i candidates for the state legislature on issues related to health care, long-term care, the state budget and tax reform — areas of particular concern to older voters heading to the polls in 2012.

AARP You've Earned a Say - Generations Magazine - October-November 2012

The “You’ve Earned a Say” website provides voters with balanced information about Medicare and Social Security proposals that are being debated on the campaign trail— the pros and cons— so they can have a voice in the future of these program. In addition, “You’ve Earned a Say” events are being scheduled at locations across the state.

AARP is a nonpartisan organization for people age 50 and older with nearly 150,000 members in Hawai‘i. It does not support or oppose political candidates, nor contribute money to political action committees, campaigns or super PACs. AARP champions access to affordable, quality health care for all generations, provides the tools needed to save for retirement, and serves as a reliable information source on issues critical to older Americans.

For details and information on “You’ve Earned a Say” events, please call 808-545-6005 or visit