At the end of the year, we realize that another year is going by, and chronologically, we’re a year older. Can we stop that clock and reverse our biological aging this coming new year? The answer is easily “yes” if we make a new year’s resolution to do so and stick to it. This article will get you started with the latest anti-aging tips; we’ll learn more in future issues. Here are three simple steps:


How You Can Reverse Aging and DiseaseYears ago, I pioneered a concept of eating more to lose weight. The effectiveness of this approach has withstood the test of time. Some of my patients report losing over 50 to 100 pounds over the years simply by using my food “Mass Index” table that shows which foods will help you to lose weight. This table can be found in most of my books, such as the Eat More, Weigh LessR Diet and my latest book. the “Peace Diet™.” For a sample of this table, go to and we’ll email it to you.


How You Can Reverse Aging and DiseaseIn Japan, they say we should first “eat with our eyes.” In other words, food should be presented in a visually pleasing manner. This turns out to be great advice to help slow and reverse the aging process. The more colorful your food, the more anti-aging nutrients it is likely to contain. For example, green foods tend to have lutein and zeaxanthin, powerful antioxidant nutrients that prevent aging. Yellow and orange vegetables and fruit tend to have lot of carotenoids that help with vision, skin, heart and the immune system. Red vegetables tend to have lycopene, which can protect against some cancers — notably prostate cancer — and may also help to protect the brain. Blue and purple vegetables and fruit have anthocyanins, also known to help prevent memory loss. Purple-red vegetables and fruit such as grapes and blueberries have resveratrol in them that can protect the heart. In future articles, I’ll cover these nutrients in detail and explain what foods are rich in these and other anti-aging nutrients.


How You Can Reverse Aging and DiseaseCancer is now close to becoming the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S. It seems like we see more cases of cancer than ever before. In addition to smoking and alcohol consumption, diet and lifestyle factors may play as great or greater roles in causing cancer. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) came out with a statement that processed meats increase the risk of cancer. So avoiding processed meats would be a good health habit, in addition to eating colorful food.

To start off the new year, make a resolution to get younger. You can start out by “losing weight by eating more” using my food “Mass Index” table. Then start reversing age and disease by eating more colorful foods and developing anti-cancer lifestyle habits. Call for more information.

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