Register now for Smart911!™ Already, 1700 O‘ahu residents are signed up for this free program that saves lives, by filing important emergency information with Smart911.

Honey, Will You Sign Me Up for Smart911?911 dispatchers need callers to give them vital information so they may dispatch EMTs and Firemen to emergencies. Many victims cannot give proper information: little children, victims of heart attacks and strokes, people who are choking, people who don’t speak English, or cannot hear what 911 is asking. Dispatchers lose precious minutes attempting to find out a callers’ exact location and information. With Smart911, they already know where you are and what medications you take. For elderly persons living alone, Smart911 is a very important breakthrough.

However, sign-up for Smart911 is online and requires either a computer or a smartphone. So when your family asks you what you want for Christmas, tell them the best gift they can give is to help you sign up for Smart911.

How It Works?

You register critical information with 911: your disability, chronic disease or important medications. If your home is difficult to find or access, give 911 directions. Tell them if you have a dog. Tell them if you are not able to answer the door. In an emergency, 911 will be able to get to you without delay.

If you are caregiving a loved one, helping them register for Smart911 is the most important holiday gift you can give.

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For general assistance with the HPD: 808-529-3111.