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Manoa Heritage Center red ‘Ohi‘a lehua blossoms — another gift!

“Giving” flows through every page of this issue of Generations Magazine. We feature Sam and Mary Cooke, who preserved an ancient Hawaiian earthwork and created Manoa Heritage Center for our community. This educational site and beautiful native Hawaiian gardens are close by, but a world away from modern Honolulu — a ‘must see’ for your family.

A companion story about retired dermatologist, Dr. Dan Palmer (click here), shows how big a simple hobby can become. His collection of Hawai‘i ferns is now the standard book botany students and conservationists use to identify ferns. He donated all his work to UH.

Volunteers are always givers, like 83 year-old Irene Oficial, who provides transportation for other seniors through Na Hoaloha neighbor-to-neighbor services on Maui (click here). Every Caregiver provides for the needs of others. Our professional contributing authors give us the benefit of their training and expertise so we can make better decisions on Medicare, Social Security, health care, financial planning, retirement and improving our homes. Giving is the foundation of our community.

Take a moment to recognize how much time and resources YOU give your own family, friends and community. Our Generations Team applauds you! Whatever you give — a tune to lift the spirit, a hot meal to fill an empty belly, or greeting your grandchildren home from school every day — you are an honored “giver,” and this issue is for you.

Maintain a Normal Pace

The holiday bustle can be very stimulating, but it disrupts the healthy routines that keep us rested and strong all year. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to say “no” to some invitations, and forego that second helping of a treat that only comes once a year. Let’s all stay healthy and make sure we get sufficient rest and quiet time. Check out two cultural traditions in Hawaii (click here) that are daytime events and don’t involve alcohol — Japanese Mochitsuki and Hawaiian Makahiki.

The holidays are also great times to curl up with a good book. Our resource page (click here) lists all the libraries in Hawai‘i and their hours.

May the joy of giving be yours!

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Every Day is New!

Katherine Kama‘ema‘e Smith, Associate Editor

Aug./Sep. issue, “Senior Discounts” Resource Guide: Longs Drug/CVS does not offer daily senior discounts; their current CVS programs and offers are a benefit to all Hawai’i shoppers.
Oct./Nov. issue, “When Hiring Private Caregivers…” by Kathy Newkirk Leong, RN, CEO Kahu Malama Nurses Inc. The acronym RICO stands for Regulated Industries Complaints Office in Hawai‘i. We apologize for the misquote.