After the debut of this column in the April/May 2015 issue, family, friends and readers came up with some new tips to share. One household item that came up more than once was the fabric softener “dryer sheet.” Here are a few suggestions for its use outside of the dryer:

  • put one in your vacuum bag to keep dust from clogging the tubes.
  • use a sheet to scrub dead bugs off your car without scratching the paint.
  • a slightly wet sheet will remove soap build-up in your tub.
  • save used sheets to polish your bathroom mirror.
  • sheets with fragrance can be an effective mosquito repellant.

For the cook … buy bulk hamburger, split into portions and place in Ziploc bags. Use a rolling pin to flatten and freeze—instant patties when ready.

Clean plastic covers … keep a toothbrush at your kitchen sink to scrub the seals in plastic container covers.

Shower curtain … put your shower curtain in the washing machine with a towel and wash on regular cycle. No soap is needed. If some mildew remains, repeat.

Shampoo container … recycle a hand soap pump dispenser and put shampoo in it. Pumping is so much easier than tipping a half-empty bottle upside down, waiting for shampoo to drip out.

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