Where am I going to live as I age and will I need more assistance? Many feel overwhelmed with uncertain options, lack of assistance, decreasing energy and concern about financial burdens. What should I do? Most keep on living their lives without a plan. Some will get lucky and their lives will play out well without a plan. But most of us need a plan with options we decide, to help in times of crisis.

As your LIST Sotheby’s International Realty Senior Concierge and residential Realtors, we will help you with your plan so you are prepared to live out your days the way you want to. If that’s staying in your family home until the day you die, we will connect you with service providers to retrofit your home for safety and comfort. If downsizing and moving out of your large home is your preferred route — we will guide you through that process as well. It’s your decision.

For more information on aging in place, retirement communities, health care, and other senior issues and real estate topics, consider attending the upcoming free seminars hosted by LIST Sotheby’s Senior Concierge:

June 27, 2015—Aging-In-Place, Caregivers & Fall Prevention – Preparing Your Home for Independent Living

August 29, 2015—Medical & Healthcare Options Workshop – Healthcare Laws, Medicare, Medicaid & Long Term Care

For more information, registration (seating is limited) and a 2015 schedule of free senior seminars, please call: 808-282-1399.


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