As Generations Magazine’s goal is to provide our senior community with important information on aging, we have tailored our other media to meet that same goal. We feel our resources are so important to the aging population that we have now expanded into television, radio, the world wide web and social media. We continue to be present and accessible in your daily lives. We move with the times and with your years.

With television, we continue to address critical issues that matter most to seniors and their families: finances, legal topics, caregiving, government programs and services, healthy living and more. Inspirational stories about Hawaii’s seniors will be a regular highlight of the show. So dial in to channel 12 on Spectrum OC16.

If you’re on the move, we can be there right with you on the radio on KHNR AM690. Guest experts share sound advice, as well as regular individuals like you and me sharing their daily experiences and wisdoms.

Likewise, those who have embraced the computer, you can find us at There you’ll find links to our Facebook page and Twitter feed. You can catch up on recent or past topics, videos or radio episodes. Facebook is your and our community, sharing and looking out for one another. Come and join us.