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  • February – March 2018

    February – March 2018

    Maintaining a close relationship is more than saying, “I love you.”

  • Thanatology Makes Us Think

    I am honored that Marian University accepted me into the Masters of Thanatology program this past Fall. “Thanatology? What is that?” is the common remark I hear when I tell people of my new adventure. A thanatologist is a designated thinker about death. They help people die better than they otherwise might. I believe every…

  • Making the Call for Help

    On average, I get one to three calls a day from the public seeking advice about elder abuse. Fortunately, only about 20 percent of the calls involve matters needing my office’s involvement. The rest are from people that see “elder abuse” in our name and hope we can help with their situation. 

  • Love, Honor and a Final Resting Place

    Many people ask to have their ashes spread at places that hold treasured memories for them, and Disney theme parks are not the exclusive venue for these requests.More often than you realize, human ashes are scattered covertly at sports stadiums, concert halls and golf courses.

  • Are You Ready for Emergencies?

    The wrath of natural disasters has been on full display as hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and floods have ravaged large swaths of the world. While our first thoughts go to the victims of these tragic events, it may also cause you to step back and think about your own preparedness for a natural disaster.

  • The Healthy Brain Initiative

    Recognizing the growing burden of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Alzheimer’s Association launched “The Healthy Brain Initiative” in 2013 to improve the diagnosis of dementia, and find and institute preventive measures.

  • A Place Called Home

    Aging is a natural process that no one wants to face alone. Many people choose to live alone in their home as they age, but find themselves depressed, lonely and not eating right. There are many benefits to living in a retirement community.

  • Hawaii Five-0: Old Made New Again

    Hawaii Five-0 flawlessly executed the eighth season’s Sunset on The Beach premiere. The event attracts thousands of fans from across the world, cheering as the cast arrive at the red carpet, like former Honolulu resident Judy Glassmaker, who returns every year and who grew up watching the original series.

  • Kupuna Caregivers Program Launches

    In 2017, Hawai‘i legislators and Gov. David Ige created the Kupuna Caregivers Program. This program helps family caregivers who work at least 30 hours per week outside the home by providing a $70-per-day benefit in services that could help make home caregiving for aging family members more affordable.

  • Home-Based Seniors Help Patients

    Yoko Futa, an 83-year-old former clerk for the Dept. of Transportation, volunteers for about 10 hours a week, helping patients at Queen’s hospitals. Yoko Futa is a member of The Queen’s Medical Center’s Volunteers in Place program, a way for community-minded people and groups to serve at home, centers or sites.