Hawaii Five-0: Old Made New Again

Christmas came early for “Hawaii Five-0” fans last year. The Five-0 production team flawlessly executed the eighth season’s Sunset on The Beach premiere. The event attracts thousands of fans from across the world, cheering as the cast arrive at the red carpet, like former Honolulu resident Judy Glassmaker, who returns every year, and says, “The new season is awesome. Older fans like me, who grew up watching the original series, should watch with their grandkids.”

The seventh season opened with a surreal dialogue between the original McGarrett (Jack Lord) and the new McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), who says, “Sometimes, it feels like this job of mine has taken everything good from me… I’m really starting to wonder whether any of it is worth it.” The original McGarrett replies, “Son, your worth is measured in… the people you save…”

Likewise, those transitioning to Medicare say that aging, retirement or change in health status can leave them feeling worthless. I remind them that in the ’60s, their generation changed the world. They fought for the rights of others and a world filled with peace and love. So, to those newly eligible for Medicare, it’s time to put down those picket signs, upgrade to Facebook, get your Medicare insurance and enjoy family and friends who love and cherish you, no matter your age.

Continue to lobby for change via your mobile device as you “Rock On!”

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