A Conversation About Life

This past year, our office established the Heartfelt Legacy Foundation™, which in turn, purchased the right to associate with Honoring Choices®. This national group is raising awareness about making end-of-life choices, encouraging family discussions so that loved ones’ choices may be honored and respected.

In the coming months, Honoring Choices® Hawaii plans to bring awareness to the Hawai‘i community by providing free seminars, engaging community leaders and training advance care facilitators to engage in planning with individuals to begin the advance care planning dialogue.

In order to bring to the Hawai‘i community a uniform, systematic, normalized process, we look for everyone’s support. Honoring our loved one’s intentions at the end of life, to me, is such a universal desire, that it transcends cultural, economic and social differences; the conversation resonates with every individual.

What’s at risk if we do not engage in these conversations? Needless suffering by the individual and their family members; unknown intentions and choices that cannot be honored and respected; dying in an isolated and lonely place surrounded by strangers (caring strangers, but strangers nonetheless). Stress and guilt, felt by surviving family members, can linger a lifetime.

You will hear more about Honoring Choices® Hawaii. Right now, we can all help by starting the conversation with our own families.

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