One question that is frequently asked by people about to turn 65 who have health insurance through an employer is:

“Do I need to enroll in Medicare?”

Good question! If you or your spouse are still working when you turn age 65 and have insurance through your employer you may consider delaying Medicare Part A and Part B until you retire if you have Creditable Coverage, which means coverage as good as Medicare.

Or you can choose to elect your Part A, which is premium-free, and delay Part B until retirement. Depending on the size of the group, one plan would be primary while the other would be secondary.

The first step is to contact your (or your spouse’s) HR Department to make sure that your current coverage is creditable and find out how it will work with Medicare before you make your decision. When coverage through your employer ends you will be provided with a Special Enrollment Period that lasts for eight months, in which you will want to sign up for Medicare so you will not incur a penalty.

Another step you might want to take is to contact a licensed, experienced agent to assist you in researching the Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance and Prescription Drug Plans that are available in your area.


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