Social Security benefits are paid each month. Generally, new retirees receive their benefits on either the second, third, or fourth Wednesday of each month, depending on the day in the month the retiree was born. In general, here’s how we assign payment dates:
There are exceptions. For example, children and spouses who receive benefits based on someone else’s work record will be paid on the same day
as the primary beneficiary.

For others, we may issue your payments on the 3rd of each month. Among other reasons, we use that payment date if:

✓ you filed for benefits before May 1, 1997;
✓ you also receive a Supplemental Security
Income (SSI) payment; or
✓ your Medicare premiums are paid for by the state where you live.

Those receiving SSI payments due to disability, age, or blindness are paid on the 1st of each month.

If your payment date falls on a federal holiday or weekend, expect to receive that month’s payment on the weekday immediately prior.

An easy-to-read schedule can be found at

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