Author: Jane Burigsay, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in Hawai‘i

  • Q&A: Retirement Benefits

    Q: My cousin and I are both retired and get Social Security. We worked for the same employer for years, but he gets a higher Social Security benefit. Why is that?

  • Now That I Am Ready to Retire…

    To qualify for Social Security benefits, you must earn a certain number of credits. The number of credits you need depends on your age when you apply and the type of benefit. No one needs more than 40 credits for any Social Security benefit.

  • Keep up With Social Security Online

    We strive to provide the public with accurate and helpful information. In addition to the resources available on our website at, we also regularly post useful information on our blog and on social media. We invite you to read our posts and share items of interest with your family and friends.

  • Medicare Part B Start Date Changes

    Changes are coming in 2023 regarding when Medicare Part B coverage starts. Please forward this article to those who may need it.

  • Newborns & Social Security Numbers

    Getting a newborn a Social Security (SS) number is important for his or her future. Feel free to share this time-saving information with prospective parents. If the child is born in a hospital, the easiest way to apply for a SS number is right at the hospital.