Work Longer — Brain Smarter

There is plenty of evidence revealing that work boosts cognitive health. Delaying full-time retirement means mitigating the risk of several types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

Evidence shows that:

• Work gives us purpose and a social environment (online or in person) that creates community.
• Work requires learning, unlearning and relearning — solid reasons to continue to learn new ways to work.

Almost 30 percent of us are over 60. But the flexible workforce favors those prepared at any age. What better time to learn? Community colleges, adult learning schools and four-year universities are awash with learning opportunities that you can take advantage of from your home.

Online learning also reduces social isolation without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home. Check out, and Many other sites are just an internet search away.

If you need support to attain the help you need, reach out to me at and this 81-year-old worker will do her best to help get you started in your pursuit of a rejuvenated career.

Carleen MacKay
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Contact Carleen via her website and receive New Ways to Work, a free PDF book co-written with Phyllis Horner.


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