Can you imagine being born a century ago? Life must have been simpler. But reaching this century-marker is certainly a privilege.

Well, at the Ko’olau Senior Hui there is always a monthly celebration of birthdays for their seniors. And in April of this year, the Ko’olau Senior Hui had a very special celebration with a special cake. It read, “Happy 100th Birthday Mildred Wong” as she celebrated her brithday at the Kaneohe Senior Center with family and friends.

Generations Magazine -  0   What Do You Say to a Centenarian? - Welcome to the - Image 01Generations Magazine -  - Image 01Mildred, born and raised in Kaneohe, must have seen a lot. She witnessed the world and the evolution of governments, like the Statehood of the Hawaiian Islands. Watched technology progress in leaps and bounds: AM/FM, watching black & white TV, then color. Computers were only used in large companies. Now every person owns one, small and large. The thought of organic food probably wasn’t the same as it does today. To Mildred, it was her own backyard garden. You may still see her pulling weeds in her yard at home.

The point is that she’s taken care of herself and she continues to enjoy her life and her new status as a Centenarian. And there’s the secret.

So, what do you say to a centenarian? Simply, “Happy 100th Birthday, Mildred Wong!” And Generations Magazine wishes you many more to come.

If you know of any other centenarians, send us a photo and something about him/her. Contact Sherry Goya: 808-722-8487,