Tai chi is a great way to incorporate strength, movement and breathing, aligning your mind, body and spirit while helping the body heal itself. Through a balanced mix of exercise and ancient Eastern medicinal philosophy, tai chi and qigong training can help seniors improve fitness and gain deeper insight to mastering the mind and emotions, which can help lower blood pressure and create meaningful longevity.

Most pain is caused when energy gets blocked, creating inflammation. When energy flows again, pain decreases. Tai chi offers natural stretching and controlled slow movement to open meridian channels throughout the body, allowing energy to flow and improving blood circulation to the heart and brain.

Qigong is another gentle healing practice very similar to tai chi that emphasizes meditation and energy accumulation for self-healing. It helps to move energy to the chakras (energy centers in the body) that release energy for the brain and organs. Both practices can improve mental and physical health.

Check out group classes to enjoy the company of other health-conscious seniors.

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