How to Choose the Right Assistive Device

If you have developed a fear of falling as you have aged, you may want to consider using an assistive device . A physical therapist can test and fit you with the proper type — or you may be able to decide what is best for you by reading these tips and recognizing signs:

You may need a cane if you grab walls, furniture and counters looking for more support as you walk. If you already use a cane and still reach for support, it may be time for a four-wheel walker.

Four-wheel walkers provide more support and mobility. The seat allows for breaks from longer tasks, such as marketing. However, those who use increased arm pressure on the walker for support will experience difficulty controlling it.

If you are still feeling unstable and have a fear of falling, a front-wheel walker may be what you need. These walkers are lighter and have only two wheels, providing more control. Adding tennis balls, skis or sliders to the walker’s back legs can alter the speed and smoothness of the walker to accommodate various surfaces.

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