Many people think that when they retire they would be able to travel, or sit and read a book worry-free. Sadly, many also express that their experience during retirement is not at all that way. Some are caring for spouse’s who have dementia or other mental or physical challenges. Some are fearful that they do not have enough money to last their lifetime. Others face their own mental and/or physical challenges as well.

These challenges can turn into crisis rapidly in all areas of life, including mental, physical, legal, economic, social and spiritual.

Successfully managing these myriad of issues requires family members and their advisors to unify their efforts together in a holistic approach synergistically to ensure that our elders remain safe, healthy and as independent as possible, preserving their dignity for the duration of their life.

For this purpose, engage in a family meeting with all family members, fiduciaries and the financial advisor so that everyone gains an understanding of the estate plan and the underlying intent and wish of the maker of the plan. Not only can this provide for a meaningful discussion, a “circle of trust” can be established to provide protection from anyone outside of this circle attempting to take advantage of our elders.

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