wp7902c58e_01_1aWatching a running relay race is exciting. Running together at full speed and passing the baton to a teammate is thrilling to watch. I would ask you to consider that your estate plan is your relay. The definition of the word relay is “a series of persons relieving one another.” Your baton is your legacy — your intentions and wishes passed on with your material wealth. The passer of the baton must be in sync with the receiver for success. And both the passer and receiver bear responsibility for this transfer. Running together in sync, stride-for-stride is essential and requires planning. This is why including your beneficiaries and fiduciaries in the estate planning process, with clear communication is necessary in the estate planning process. Running in sync together with clear understanding of intentions can make for a successful relay of your legacy.

If you are considering estate planning in the new year, please resist the urge to ask your attorney to simply set something up to minimize tax and avoid probate. I would ask you to give consideration to your innermost desires, intentions and needs. Go further and ask yourself the reasons underlying your desires, intentions and needs. Then, communicate these intentions to the attorney. This will build the foundation for your estate plan, and pave the way for a clear relay of your desires, intentions and needs so that your beneficiaries and fiduciaries receive your message clearly. Then, they will be more able to honor and respect your choices.

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