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1. Arrive at the airport three hours before departure during the busy summer months. If you’re 75 or older, you do not have to take your shoes off at the security checkpoint. If you need assistance, ask for a wheelchair when you make your reservation. When you arrive at the airport, tell the skycap that you ordered a wheelchair. Be sure to read all the latest airline rules when you buy your ticket.

2. For free drinking water, just pack an empty bottle in your carry-on and fill it from a water fountain on the secure side of the checkpoint.

3. Bring snacks: trail mix, chips, dried fruit or candy. All foods must be wrapped or in some kind of container that can be opened for inspection.

4. Bring a washable travel pillow and light travel blanket if your airline does not provide them. In your carry-on, pack a hooded jacket or scarf and a light travel blanket to keep your head, neck and legs warm during or between flights.

5. Bring reading material, games or movies to watch on your iPad. When you buy your ticket, ask how to use the airplane’s WiFi system.

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