As family caregivers lovingly cater to their ill or dying elders, they could make three mistakes that might harm themselves and their family. Alone and exhausted, they cannot sleep. Stress leads to illness and 60 percent of caregivers end up in the hospital before their parents — some even predecease their parents.

One of the quickest ways to lighten the load is to share the work. Form compassionate support teams by inviting others to join a common goal to carry out tasks, laugh, cry and groan together.

Annette Pang’s “Magical Moments Workshops” have reached over 1,000 caregivers and found family teams with can-do attitudes quietly sacrificing for their elders. Do you consistently invite and enroll teammates to join you and roar in unison like a football team (chanting “strawberry shortcake, huckleberry pie,”) or are you all by your lonesome, working endless shifts?

The Jackson, Carol and Dr. Cass Nakasone family —“Team Shirley”— deserves a trophy for courageously caring for their sister/aunt. How did they do it? They asked for help.

Please join “Team Annette” to support the three-mile Alzheimer’s Association Walk on Sept. 3 at Magic Island. I am a wimp, but I will keep up with you so we can all cross the finish line together.

Visit for more information and sign up today. Bring your elders — wheelchairs, rolling walkers, canes and all!

And… it’s my 70th birthday — another great reason to cheer!


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