Sugar is Bad for Your Teeth & Mind

I love sugar! Sugar makes desserts, candies and drinks taste wonderful! The bacteria in our mouth love sugar, too. Eating foods that contains sugar instantly activates bacteria for 20 minutes. As bacteria devour the sugar, their waste is acid.

Acid is one of the few things that can destroy your enamel and may contribute to dementia.

While sipping on a soda, sweet tea, a cup of coffee with cream and/or sugar for an hour, you have exposed your teeth to over an hour of enamel-eroding acid. Be aware that sugar-free diet drinks, and starchy foods like rice, chips and bread also activate bacteria.

To lessen acid exposure, eat your dessert or sugary treat right after meals, rinse with water after consuming candies and sweet drinks, and brush and floss — especially before bedtime.

Do not constantly tuck cough drops or hard candies on the side of your cheek! Not only is it a dental disaster, studies have shown that sugar may have a role in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers found that people with high blood-sugar levels are prone to dementia.

Enjoy your sweets but take steps to keep your teeth and mind intact.

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