Forty years ago, medical exercise specialists Debbie and Norm Compton met in Hawai‘i and made fitness the key element in both their personal and professional lives. Personal training, stunt work, injuries and their continual quest for excellence compelled them to write Stacking: Your Skeletal Blueprint for Posture. In their book, the Comptons share techniques for regaining posture as you age.

Learning to develop a strong skeletal “stack” and the ability to keep your bones in their intended places allows us to know the feeling of neutral and true posture, they say. “When you’re strong in neutral, you’re strong everywhere.”

Using a construction theme, the Comptons take all 206 of your bones and teach you how to build your frame from the bottom up, beginning with your feet. Moving up the body, they describe which parts serve as the glue that keeps your body together.

They also explain what can go wrong if your bones aren’t aligned correctly, and have first-hand knowledge regarding misalignments and injuries. Deb has scoliosis; Norm was a Hollywood stuntman for 27 years.

Now in their mid-60s, the Comptons continue to practice the fitness principles they preach, illustrating living proof of the old axiom “if you don’t use it, you lose it!” They still have it!

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