Spring Decluttering After the Holidays

Now that the holidays are over and we are settling in the new year, it’s is a good time to do a “Spring De-Cluttering.” Spring decluttering is similar to spring cleaning, but instead of dusting and cleaning the windows, you will instead do some quick removal of unnecessary items.

Quick decluttering is making fast decisions about getting rid of stuff. But it doesn’t have to be drudgery. You can make it fun! Call in the family for an hour of collaborative activity. Dial up your favorite tunes and rock on together!

Here are some helpful tips to follow:

Throw out the trash: Pick up noticeable and obvious trash around the house, such as old papers, food wrappers, plastic bags, etc.

Recycle: Collect all the recyclables, such as plastics, cans, bottles, newspaper and boxes, and take them to your recycling center. You’d be surprised how much you can get for the stuff that is taking up space in your house.

Move items into the proper room: Only kitchen items go in the kitchen and only bedroom items go in the bedroom. Go room by room and take out items that don’t belong in that room. Then put it in the room it belongs in. And don’t forget to put your Christmas decorations away!


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