Q: How can I ensure that my teeth and mouth stay healthy and strong for a lifetime?

A: Two words to remember for a healthy smile are, “Be Proactive”! There’s no magic dental wand, but follow this philosophy to help keep your teeth for a lifetime.

First, seeing your dentist and dental hygienist regularly is the key to optimal dental health. For most people this is every six months, for others more frequently. The dental exam may include assessments for oral cancer, root and tooth decay, gum disease and more. The hygienist will remove tartar build-up on teeth that may contribute to gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss.

Next, be proactive with your home dental care. Brush and floss daily and effectively! Ask your dental professionals for instructions if needed. If a rinse is recommended, use it as prescribed.

Third, address dental problems on a timely basis. This will prevent more costly procedures and pain in the future. A good example is tooth decay. Although decay many start small, left untreated the pulp can become infected and require root canal therapy.

Furthermore, being proactive let’s you and your dentist plan for your dental future. For example, if you need dental implants but constantly put it off, it may become too late. Changes in supporting bone or medical health issues may mean implants are no longer an option. So, stay proactive—it will pay off through the years!

Wynn H Okuda - Generations Magazine - June-July 2013

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