Summer is upon us and it is time to get out and enjoy all of what Hawai‘i’s cultures offer. The list includes everything from the Asian Pacific Arts Dance Festival with Hawaiian Hula and Ukulele performances, to Korean Changgo drums and a whole list of
great events so check out page 24. If you love Sake like I do, there is no better event in Hawai‘i then the “Taste of Sake” tasting so get your tickets for this August 16th celebration at the Convention Center.

As one of the so-called “Late Boomers” born 1956-65, I am always in awe of our cover stories as they are so inspirational to me and I know to all our readers. There is no better icon in football than Norm Chow as he is, for 67, truly the new 47 year old. Please don’t call coach Chow a senior though as he doesn’t consider himself one. As I first met coach Chow for our interview and photo shoot, he literally looked at me and asked why “him”—he said, “I’m not a senior.” I told him he is a role model for all of us and our readers will love his story of his energy, love for football and his young players. I will say at 67, coach Chow, you are in exceptional shape and no senior in my eyes.

In this issue look for our new regular business partners in Aloha Care’s Medicare column, Hawaii Pacific Health’s Straub Hospital informational page (this month is a “Fall Prevention” event) and read our newest columnist Frank B. Shaner’s “Frankly Speaking” thoughts and words.

Les Ihara - Generations Magazine - June-July 2013

Les Ihara

Lastly, Happy Father’s Day as we celebrate all our Dads on June 16. I do want to send out a special Happy Father’s Day to my father Les Ihara, as for over 17 years, our family vacations are paid by our parents and have made him happy to see his children, spouses, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren enjoy a great family bond. Thankful as well for all the great experiences we had growing up all over the world because of his Army career—how much we learned about different people, weather and cultures.

Live Well,
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Percy Ihara, Editor/Publisher

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