Generations Magazine - Save Crucial Time: Register for Smart911 - Image 01The Honolulu Police Department recently rolled out Smart911™, a free 9-1-1 service available to residents of O‘ahu. Registration is free at

Smart911 allows you to file information with 911 — about your disability, medications you take or how to gain emergency access to your home, if you are unable to answer the door.

When you call 911 in the future, your information will be available to the dispatcher and the EMTs who come to the rescue. If they already know you are in a wheelchair, or to watch out for the dog, precious time will be saved — in emergencies, every second counts.

It’s easy to visit and create your safety profile for Smart911. You choose what information you want to share with 911. This service is available nationwide, to assist you and your family in emergencies, even when you are traveling. Not on O‘ahu? Register now so your information will be available immediately when Smart911 comes to your island.

Honolulu Police Department, Smart 9-1-1
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