Kirk: We hear a lot about the Sandwich Generation these days.

Linda: You know me … I love a sandwich.

Kirk: No, we’re talking about the generation that has to take care of their parents and their children; they’re in the middle.

Linda: Baloney!

Kirk: Not! Not that kind of sandwich. More than ever, there are three generations in one household. Sandwiches are stacking up.

Linda: But a sandwich needs condiments — mayonnaise, lettuce, mustard.

Kirk: Exactly. That’s where resources come in — resources that can help the sandwich generation cope. Generations Magazine includes a lot of assistance that way.

Linda: So instead of a club sandwich, it’s a… sandwich club!

Kirk: And the club is growing. One in eight Americans are in the sandwich generation and the number is likely higher here in Hawai‘i. The important thing to remember is you are not alone.

Linda: What happens if there’s a “next” generation added? Do you want small fries with that?

Kirk: Good question. It helps to think of that ahead of time. By the way, if you were a sandwich, what kind would you be?

Linda: I would be a sweet honey on nut bread.

Kirk: I’d go along with that. What kind would I be?

Linda: You would be a ham on wry!

Retired broadcast personalities and Journalists Kirk Matthews and Linda Coble speak from the heart on issues concerning boomers and seniors. Post comments for them on